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Work From Home Amidst COVID-19

Work from Home is one such concept which was a luxury, or something on the wish-list. Now, it is a new norm!

“If working remotely is such a great idea, why isn’t everyone doing it?
I think it’s because we’ve been bred on the idea that work happens from 9 to 5, in offices and cubicles. It’s no wonder that most who are employed inside that model haven’t considered other options or resist the idea that it could be any different. But it can.”

Jason Fried

While it may be the height of convenience for some of us, it could be an ultimate distraction for others. Either way, it is full of possibilities and comes with its own set of challenges

We have tried to put together a few concepts, simple and obvious, but crucial to initiating the thought process towards efficiency, productivity and a balanced work-life approach.

Watch the presentation and use it to reflect on your individual situation, personal challenges and solutions.

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